[Tuning In] My Holland on happiness at work: Workplaces should make us feel alive

Written by Emily Fang Published on 

My Holland believes purpose is imperative, and it is the driver for a strong sense of belonging and happiness at work.

My Holland’s interests in well-being, positive change, and a purposeful life have led her to her current role as certified assessor, coach, keynote speaker, and consultant in happiness at work, resilience, and emotional intelligence (EQ). My has a multicultural worldview. She was born in France of Vietnamese parents, studied in France and the US, and lived and worked in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and New Zealand. 

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. 

KrASIA (Kr): Can you explain your motto: “being, becoming rather than doing”? 

My Holland (MH): It means to have some kind of knowledge of what we want. It’s so that we don’t stop, we don’t just see things as we should and let it be. We really want to see that things are evolving, and this is true for our happiness as well. I try to help people understand that we are like butterflies. We change, we let go and become a better shedded version of ourselves.

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