Derren Teo

I am a co-founder of Surer, a Singapore-based Insurtech startup. Surer is a cloud-based, web platform with a market-first technology that helps all parties in the General Insurance segment automate processes and drive network collaborations, enabling them to provide better service and support to their clients. I have spent over 10 years in the insurance industry working for multiple insurers. Surer is a result of my passion for this industry that I really care about and believe is in need of supercharging from technology.

Derren Teo


The balancing act of being business partners and buddies


Derren Teo


  23 Sep 2020    01:56 AM

  • After spending most of his career in the general insurance space, Derren Teo decided to create an end to end platform to simplify the industry through digitalization.


    How the pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of clunky industry insurtech

    By Derren Teo

    25 Aug 202003:09 PM