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We’re KrASIA, a digital media company reporting on the most promising technology-driven businesses and trends across the Asia-Pacific region.

We’re rooted in 36Kr, a leading technology and business news portal in China.

China’s rapid digital transformation shaped people’s lives, opening up opportunities and conveniences that were previously unimaginable. This wave of change was driven by adventurous entrepreneurs and backed by funding from discerning venture capitalists.

36Kr had the privilege of chronicling the rise of China’s TMT sector and grew alongside a booming ecosystem that produced global tech empires such as Alibaba and Tencent. Next to the flagship product, 36Kr operates the co-working chain Kr Space and Jingdata, a startup database.


As 36Kr’s first English-language offshoot, KrASIA aims to play a similar role in Southeast Asia, where digital transformation is picking up speed.

Building upon 36Kr’s know-how and deep connections, KrASIA offers fresh views about what’s going on in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Our distributed team of reporters and editors closely track the largest regional tech companies whose influence is growing by the hour, and keep up with the next wave of innovators who challenge the status quo.

We constantly ask ourselves: Can entrepreneurs and investors draw actionable insights from our coverage? In what ways will new developments affect how the region’s citizens interact with the internet—and each other?

In brief, KrASIA is about providing useful content for consumers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. From that foundation, we strive to deliver more services to help Asia innovate and create.

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